In coordination with both the Institute Strategic Plan and the Administration and Finance Strategic Plan, leadership in Finance and Planning have identified several key goals and objectives as areas of focus.

Lead by Example

Exceptional Customer Service: Develop and cultivate a shared approach to exceptional customer service by anticipating customer needs, maintaining engagement through communication, making our customers feel like they are a priority, and seeking feedback on areas to improve.

  • Promote formal and develop informal training to improve the soft skills of our employees that focus on communication, empathy, active listening, positivity, and follow-through.

Workforce Development: Facilitate service excellence of the Finance and Planning workforce through engagement, collaboration, skill and knowledge development, and career progression.

  • Incorporate enhanced collaboration into hiring strategy, training and idea sharing.
  • Build, improve and support employee skills and knowledge development to strengthen our abilities to be effective stewards of the Institute’s academic and research resources.
Cultivate Well-Being

Employee Well-being: Create a culture of well-being across Finance and Planning by establishing new practices that embrace employee well-being.

  • Identify strategies for employee well-being that can be implemented across Finance and Planning during 2022.
  • Improve physical health and morale by actively encouraging and demonstrating participation in well-being initiatives provided through OneUSG and GTHR.
Champion Innovation

Operational Effectiveness: Improve operational effectiveness and develop sustainable, repeatable, collaborative solutions that create efficiencies and meet customer needs.

  • Clearly define services provided by Finance and Planning units.
  • Incorporate new technology tools and approaches that improve finance and planning processes.

Finance and Planning is executing on several specific strategies associated with each of these goals and objectives throughout 2022.  We will review progress later in 2022 and adjust for 2023.