Workday Training Courses


The Workday trainings can be accessed in GT’s training portal HERE (GT login required).

Please review the Recommended and Required Training by Role Matrix to determine which training you should review.  Brief descriptions of the courses are provided below.

GT Roles


  • Workday Overview and Basics
    • This course will cover the basics of Workday, including topics such as: navigation, setting up your account to work for you, alerts and errors, getting set up with Workday Mobile, and our support model.  It will also cover the basics of a business process in Workday, including approvals.

Strongly Recommended for all Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Employees)

  • Workday Reporting
    • This course will review different ways you can run reports in Workday, demonstrate how to find which reports you can run, and explain how to manipulate reports in Workday.

Strongly Recommended: Expense Preparer, Accountant

Encouraged for all Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Employees)

Financial Accounting

  • Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM)
    • This course will be required for all financial users and will cover the basics of the Foundation Data Model (similar to a chart of accounts). It will explain key concepts of Worktags, Ledger Account Structure, Hierarchies and how to use the FDM Crosswalk Tool for certain worktag values.

Required: Accountant, Cost Center Manager, Driver Worktag Manager

Strongly Recommended: RQ Reviewer, Budget administrator

Encouraged for all Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Employees)


  • Workday Spend Authorizations and Expense Reports
    • This course is directed towards all employees and will explain how to complete spend authorizations and expense reports.

Strongly Recommended: Expense Preparer

Encouraged for all Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Employees), Expense Preparer

  • Expenses for Expense Preparers
    • This course will be advertised to T&E Administrators (Expense Preparers in Workday) and will dive deeper into how to create expense reports for other employees and non-workers.

Strongly Recommended: Expense Preparers, Faculty Support Coordinators (FSC)


  • Workday Procurement
    • This course will be advertised to all employees and will cover the procurement process, focusing on how to create requisitions, how to locate the status of your requisition or purchase order, how to request a change order, and how to create receipts.

Required: Cost Center Manager, RQ Reviewer


Strongly Recommended: Property Coordinator, Driver Worktag Managers, Faculty Support Coordinators

  • Procurement Policies and Procedures
    • Encouraged for all new employees who will have a Procurement role in Workday and seasoned employees as a knowledge refresher. The course takes users through the policies and procedures related to purchasing items at Georgia Tech as well as provides an understanding of requisitions, purchase orders, agreements, and related forms.

Required: RQ reviewers and Cost Center managers

Strongly Recommended: Faculty Support Coordinators

  • Workday PCard Process and Approvals
    • This course will walk users through the PCard verification and approval process in Workday.

Required: PCard Holder, PCard Cost Center Manager


  • Workday Grants Concepts
    • This course for Grants Managers will cover the grants lifecycle from when an award is created to how the award is managed, reporting on billing, and award closeout.

Strongly Recommended: Grant Budget Specialist, Grants Manager, Financials Admins working on Grants, Faculty Support Coordinators (FSC)

Business Assets

  • Business Assets for Property Coordinator
    • This course for Property Coordinators covers tagging and issuing an asset to a new worker and location, and inputting additional information. It also covers non-inventory surplus pickup for resident instruction and GTRI.​

Required: Property Coordinator